5 Brain-based Ways to Improve Employee Focus


On Demand Webinar

The ability to focus on a task allows an employee to stay productive and complete projects both quickly and efficiently. How do peak performers do it? And what happens if someone suffers from a mental health condition that impairs their ability to concentrate? Factors such as stress and depression can impair memory and focus, which decreases productivity and can trigger negativity within organizations. To perform at peak levels, employees must learn to rewire the brain to generate a new of habit of improved focus and task closure. Join our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Evian Gordon, as he draws on insights from the world’s largest standardized brain database and discusses:

  • Understanding how the brain works to focus on a task
  • The importance change readiness has on desired results
  • Assess the brain's key capacities and challenges to determine the best strategy to achieve goals
  • Time management and task closure
  • Training with the end in mind and using a brain-based habit generating pathway