Track and Improve Patient Outcomes While Reducing Clinician Fatigue


Your ability to accurately assess your patients’ mental health and establish an objective and valid baseline for monitoring their progress is critical to their healing and recovery process. Yet, most clinicians have limited data available for personalizing treatment and showing evidence-based outcomes. Further, breaks in the continuum of care lead to relapses or ongoing patient struggles. All of this puts additional strain on clinicians, leading to fatigue. 

Our Solution

We offer a mental health and brain performance digital platform that enables clinics to finally track and improve outcomes over time and across the continuum of care, provide patients an easily accessible lifeline, available 24/7 across devices. The combination of self monitoring and self-care capabilities enables self-empowerment.In short, Total Brain helps you take care of all the people you take care of.

Clinically Validated Digital Assessment

Total Brain’s digital assessment enables monitoring of cognitive and emotional functioning via 12 brain capacities, with integrated clinical screenings for 7 mental conditions like Addiction (CAGE-AID), Depression (PHQ-9), Anxiety (GAD7) and PTSD (PC-PTSD-5), among others.


Clinical Support Dashboard

The assessment is designed to be repeated monthly, with results feeding a clinician dashboard to objectively determine evidence-based outcomes for whatever patient interventions the clinic is deploying. Total Brain’s clinical support dashboard:

  • Monitors risk and capacity trends for patients
  • Flags for newly identified risk or changes from previous assessment
  • Visualizes patient progress over time
  • Helps assess overall outcomes

Digital Self-Care Support Tools

Total Brain’s digital support tools function like a clinical assistant right in your patient’s pocket, enabling 24/7 access to AI personalized, or clinician-directed, self-care exercises that help develop cognitive and emotional skills that support recovery.


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