Patient Progress Depends on Accurate Mental Health Assessment and Ongoing Support

Total Brain is 100% complementary to any clinical treatment program. We accelerate and augment treatments with health data and self-care.

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Leverage the Power of Total Brain

As a clinician, your ability to accurately assess your patients’ mental health and establish an objective and valid baseline for monitoring their progress, is critical to their healing and recovery process. Yet, most clinicians have limited data available for personalizing treatment and showing evidence-based outcomes. Further, breaks in the continuum of care lead to relapses and/or ongoing patient struggles.

With Total Brain, clinicians can stop focusing on symptom elimination and shift toward health and capacity building.

Patients can self-monitor their brain capacities and health risks right through the platform.

Personalized Care
Patients have access to personalized, science-backed self-care 24/7 through desktop or mobile devices.

Total Brain is free for patients and reimbursable for providers (CPT 96127)

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Brain capacity (mental health) data over time
  • Accelerated diagnosis and treatment
  • Data-rich diagnosis and treatment plans
  • 27/7 access to "in the moment" self-care
  • 24/7 access to "capacity building" self-care

Benefits for Administrators

  • Brain-based population analytics
  • Data to support value-based contracts
  • Better customer satisfaction scores
  • Incremental revenue

How Total Brain Works

Total Brain is 100% complementary to clinical treatments. It accelerates and augments treatment with mental health data and self-care. 



The assessment screens for common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and others.



Analyze results to better understand strengths and weaknesses, and what areas need the most improvement.



Personalized tools include a mix of resonant breathing, positive psychology tools, brain training tools, and meditation tools.



Reassess monthly to track progress over time and learn which areas are improving and which still need focus.

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Clinical Support Dashboard

Total Brain provides clinicians with invaluable data to support patient monitoring and treatment efforts:

  • Monitors risk and capacity trends for patients over time
  • Flags for newly identified risk or changes from previous assessment
  • Visualizes capacity changes and trends
  • Administrators receive custom analytics in aggregate to help assess clinical progress and quality of care

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