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Insights & Impact Report

Mental Health Index: August 2021

Risk of PTSD remains elevated, 20-39 year old's worsen. Is the rise of the delta variant impacting America’s youngest workers?

Insights & Impact Report

Mental Health Index: June 2021

Mental health improvements are overshadowed by broadening concerns about workers’ elevated risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Insights & Impact Report

Mental Health Index: May 2021

The risk of PTSD rises for another consecutive month, showing the continued impact the of the pandemic on mental health.

Insights & Impact Report

Mental Health Index: April 2021

After a period of improvement, several mental health capacities are worsening again. Check out the latest Mental Health Index Report to learn more.

Insights & Impact Report

A State of Constant Crisis

COVID-19 is creating a constant state of stress and anxiety among Americans. Check out this Insights & Impact Report for more details.


An App to Map Your Brain

Our CEO, Louis Gagnon, talks about Total Brain and our mission to solve the mental health crisis within organizations.


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Learn about conscious negativity bias and how it affects our emotions with Dr. Evian Gordon.