Collaborative Care Within the Primary Care Setting

Learn the benefits, challenges, and user cases for collaborative care within a primary care setting.


The Collaborative Care Model is not just about integrating mental and physical health services. It is about doing so in a way that relies on evidenced-based treatment guidelines, and attention to accountability and quality care.

A promising collaborative care approach toward holistic care of physical and mental health is underway.

Despite the popular belief that the mind and body are interconnected, physical and mental healthcare delivery systems often operate independently. Enter: Collaborative Care. Unlike other behavioral health integration models, this model provides for coordination by a behavioral health care manager and regular discussions with a psychiatric consultant. In this whitepaper, we'll discuss:

  • The principles and benefits of collaborative care within the primary care space
  • Use cases that highlight the approach of collaborative care and its value to patients
  • The challenges of the patient-centric healthcare model and new tools to support this approach