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How is the mental health of your workforce?

In a society where everything is always moving at lightning speed, employees are often left stressed and burnt out, and their mental health is being challenged. What if you could help your workforce monitor and support their mental health with a platform powered by the world's largest standardized neuroscientific database? With Total Brain, you can!

Give your employees the mental health tools they need.

Total Brain focuses on optimizing all four brain functions, including emotion, feeling, cognition, and self-control.

Personalized self-care experience


Use a mix of positive psychological tools, brain training tools, and breath and meditation exercises covering both “in the moment” stress relief and longer-term preventive tools.

Insights and meaningful analytics

Users can personally track their progress over time, while clinicians and organizations can take advantage of our robust reporting features to track trends.

Monitor and track overall mental health


The clinically-validated mental health assessment screens for common mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, and others.

Mental health can be measured and improved.

Just as the body can be conditioned to become physically healthier, the brain can be trained to improve mental health and well-being.

A happy, focused, and productive workforce is one that benefits everyone. Get started today by requesting a demo of our platform and learning how your employees can begin monitoring and supporting their mental health.

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