Mental Health Index Report: May 2020

Our May 2020 research shows how fear and uncertainty are affecting Americans.


Fear and uncertainty plague Americans as stress and anxiety skyrocket.

Stress and Anxiety are Skyrocketing as COVID-19 cases continue to rise

On January 21, 2020, the United States announced its first confirmed case of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The lives of Americans took a sharp and unpleasant turn almost overnight.

What does that mean for our mental health?

The Mental Health Index data complies data from participants using the Total Brain platform. It is updated monthly in collaboration with our partners, One Mind at Work, so our workers’ mental health and capacity can be monitored as we muddle through these uncertain times. Explore this month’s findings by downloading the May 2020 report.

Key insights include:

  • Stress levels of Americans have increased 38% since the first week of February
  • Anxiety levels among Americans increased 54% from February to April.
  • Fear and uncertainty varies by age, with younger adults reporting the most intense feelings over time.