Student Mental Health: A Crisis on Campus

High prevalence of mental health risk amid COVID pandemic taking a serious toll on U.S. students' cognition.


Students’ Focus, Planning, Memory and Resilience scores fall well below standard average

Months of quarantine and continued uncertainty have weighed heavily on all of us, and students are no exception. Conducted during the fall, as students returned to school in various capacities, this new research shows the COVID pandemic is having a dramatic impact on U.S. students’ mental health which, in turn, is affecting precious cognitive capacities like memory, focus and planning. Some highlights include:

  • 48% of students are at risk of general anxiety
  • The percentile rank for students’ cognitive capacities fell on average 14 percentile points below the standard average
  • Students are struggling with resilience, falling 17 percentile points below average


High school and college students showed a high propensity for risk of mental conditions, their focus, planning and memory scores fall well below the standard average.

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