Navigating Negativity:

How Emotions Influence Mental Health


Learn how feelings and emotions influence your mental health.

Negativity can be a heavy burden on us all. How can you learn to deal with it?

Especially over the last year, as people have dealt with the pandemic, economic downturn, social justice issues, environmental disasters and more, stress and negativity have been unrelenting. Without proper understanding of how negativity can hijack mental well-being, or how to deal with it in healthy ways, the weight of it can have devastating effects on performance, productivity and morale.

What you'll learn in this eBook

This eBook extracts key insights and lessons from three Total Brain podcast episodes hosted by Evian Gordon MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Total Brain. Key insights include:

  • How emotions and feelings drive you, and how you can reclaim power over them.
  • Five ways you can practice conscious thinking to reclaim your feelings.
  • How to deal with negativity and three approaches you can take to think more positively.