Mental Health Index: February 2021

Despite more mental capacities returning to pre-COVID levels, continued focus on mental health is needed.


Return to "Normal" Doesn't Fix Deep-Rooted Mental Health Issues

According to the February Mental Health Index, the improvement reported in January wasn’t just a fluke. For two
months in a row, multiple mental health capacities inched back to levels unseen since before the pandemic. By the
end of February, stress, resilience, memory, depressed mood, conscious negativity bias, and risk of Depressive
Disorder all returned to where they were in February 2020. While these trends are encouraging, there are some
key points to understand about the data.

  • Mental capacities are starting to return to pre-COVID levels, including a 29% drop in depressed mood since
    December, now at pre-pandemic level
  • The risk of General Anxiety Disorder has increased 30% when compared to the same time last year
  • U.S. workers are feeling 8% less motivated than last year