Mental Health Index Update: May 2021

Risk of PTSD rises for another consecutive month, shows continued impact of pandemic on mental health


Risk of PTSD continues to increase while focus declines in U.S. workers

As businesses and organizations begin to return to normal operation, employees are seeing increased risks of PTSD and are struggling to stay focused. In this month's Mental Health Index Report, we'll discuss key stats, including:

  • Workers’ risk of PTSD has been rising since February 2021 and is now 55% higher than it was before the pandemic. 
  • A 59% decline in workers’ sustained attention vs. before the pandemic could mean the transition back into the office could add more distractions and cause focus to worsen even more among employees.
  • Women haven't recovered from recent increase in stress and depressed mood, with an 18% increase in women’s stress from March to May and 14% rise in depressed mood among women since March.