Mental Health Index: Q2 2022 Update


Employees usher in summer with an improved state of mind.

The promise of summer offers some mental health relief.

For many, sun, sand, and sea breezes are the antidote to stress and anxiety. Recent findings from the Q2 2022 Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition support the notion that summertime fun is good for your mental health.

Key findings in latest Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition include: 

  • A 15% drop in stress through June 2022, now 10% lower than

  • The risk of PTSD has improved since last quarter, but remains elevated with a 51% greater risk of PTSD in June 2022 vs. pre-pandemic.

  • The risk of General Anxiety disorder has decreased 39% through
    June 2022 and is back to pre-pandemic levels.