Back to Work

How to Prepare for Five Mental Health Challenges Facing Returning Workers


With roughly half of adults vaccinated and pandemic numbers dropping, company leaders are beginning to discuss "when"—not "if"—the shift back to the office will occur. What does this mean for your employees returning back to the office after so long working remotely?

This report will discuss a recent survey conducted by Total Brain in the context of five mental health challenges employers are likely to face as workplaces reopen, and provide takeaway points managers can put into place to make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.

  • Employees will feel stressed and anxious as they navigate competing priorities, with two-thirds saying they feel somewhat or extremely anxious about returning to work.
  • Employees will struggle to focus, with about 18% of workers saying they feel stressed over the anticipation of "being less productive in the office."
  • Employees will need more mental health services overall, including benefits like mental health PTO, stress management training, and digital mental health assessment tools.