Mental Health Index: April 2022 Q1 Update


Post holidays provide some relief but PTSD spikes again with ongoing uncertainty.

Risk of PTSD continues to increase with ongoing uncertainty among US workers regarding world events.

After a short, post-holiday reprieve, risk of PTSD has spiked again, commensurate with ongoing uncertainty around the pandemic and the new war in Ukraine.

According to the latest Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition: 

  • An alarming 1 in 4 American workers screened at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in March, up 121% when compared to pre-pandemic.

  • The post-holiday period saw risk of General Anxiety disorder drop 35% since December and risk of Depressive Disorder drop 37% in the same time frame.

  • Stress has dropped 18% since December, while non-conscious negativity bias remained unchanged, making both measures the same or slightly better than pre-pandemic.