A self-monitoring and self-care mental health platform

Total Brain provides an easily accessible lifeline, available 24/7 across devices.  The combination of self monitoring and self-care capabilities enable self-empowerment.

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A personalized mental health and brain performance self-monitoring and self-care experience

Mental health is comprised of the full expression of our brain capacities. Monitoring and caring for these capacities can help reduce stress, improve interactions with others, and better manage mental health. With Total Brain, users have access to a personalized self-monitoring and self-care program made up of positive psychological tools, brain training tools, and breath and meditation tools and courses that help individuals maximize their mental health.

What sets Total Brain apart?

The Total Brain platform incorporates over 40 different mind and brain training exercises to improve overall mental health, whether for employees, patients, members, or individuals.


Monitor overall mental health

The clinically-validated mental health assessment screens for common mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, and others.


Stimulate your brain with music

NeuroTunes is a collection of scientifically composed music and soundscapes designed to reduce anxiety in the moment and instill calmness in listeners.


Personalized self-care

Use a mix of positive psychological tools, brain training tools, and breath and meditation exercises covering both “in the moment” stress relief and longer-term preventive tools.


Insights and meaningful analytics

Users can personally track their progress over time, while clinicians and organizations can take advantage of our robust reporting features to track trends.

Explore your Total Brain

Whether you're an organization looking to provide employees with a mental health solution, a clinic offering patients a way to self-monitor and self-care for their mental health in between visits, or an individual with a goal of improving overall mental health, Total Brain has advantages for everyone.

For Organizations

Improve productivity and reduce healthcare posts. Give your employees a way to self-monitor and self-care for their mental health!


For Clinics

Objectively monitor and accelerate your patients' full recovery. Patients gain access to in-the-moment tools to help manage cravings and reduce risks of relapse.


For Affinity Groups

Offer members a cutting edge mental health and brain performance platform to help them self-monitor and self-care for their mental health.

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