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Total Brain offers impactful benefits for companies, providers, and affinity groups.

For Companies

With the Total Brain platform, employees can self-monitor brain capacities, screen for mental health risks, and improve overall mental health and brain performance with self-care exercises that are scientifically proven to improve overall brain capacity and mental health.

  • Employees follow a self-care program made up of positive psychological tools, brain training tools, and breath and meditation tools and courses that help individuals maximize their mental health.
  • 38% of eligible populations are educated confidentially and stigma free, and 58% have validated their symptoms1
  • 39% of users have seen an improvement in Depression and 28% improvement in Anxiety with 2 or more hours of training2
  1. 38% of eligible population assessed and got referred to professionals as needed (Source: Based on customer case study, N=61,990, 48% of eligible pop registered, and 81% of those assessed)
  2. Total Brain ADT outcomes can be substantial. Among Total Brain users who completed 2 or more hours of training, a 39% improvement in depressed mood was found; Among those flagged as at risk for depression or anxiety, a 28% improvement in anxiety levels was found for those who completed 2 or more hours of training.

For Providers

Total Brain is 100% complementary to any clinical treatment program. We accelerate and augment treatments with health data and self-care. Our platform provides clinicians with invaluable data to support patient monitoring and treatment efforts:

  • Monitors risk and capacity trends for patients over time
  • Flags for newly identified risk or changes from previous assessment
  • Visualizes capacity changes and trends
  • Administrators receive custom analytics in aggregate to help assess clinical progress and quality of care

For Populations

Give your members a way to help improve their mental health! Total Brain empowers users to monitor and support their mental health while screening for common mental health conditions. With informative content and 40+ digital mind and brain training exercises, users can track their progress over time as they learn to reduce stress, improve productivity, sharpen focus, and more.

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